Principals for a Day open their eyes to the ‘new education’

Christi Barrett, superintendent of Hemet Unified School District, and principals of the district’s 22 schools invited Hemet city officials, local business owners and community leaders to become “Principals for a Day” Wednesday, Oct. 23.As a staff writer for the Valley News and former teacher, I was surprised and flattered to be invited to a preschool next to Hemet Elementary School. As I pictured a principal, I put on my best shirt and tie, filled my briefcase with some lined paper, pens and pencils and headed off to school, ready to meet with some teachers and the smallest students.As I met Alice Chung, Ed.D., the principal of the school and lead principal for the other district preschools, at 8:30 a.m., the first new thing for this would-be principal was to wear a mask. Wit
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