Interesting facts about nocturnal pets

Nocturnal animals sleep all day and are active at night. Valley News/Courtesy photo
TEMECULA – While many animals like to soak up the sun and go about their business in daylight, there are plenty of others who seem to come alive after darkness falls. These night owls and more hunt and survive in the dark, which is called nocturnal and crepuscular behavior.Nocturnal behavior is an adaptation to help animals survive in dark conditions and avoid predators. While some have excellent night vision, others have poor eyesight and rely on other senses to survive in the darkness, according to Animal Sake.Nocturnal animals sleep all day and are active at night. Crepuscular animals are mostly active at night, but not entirely sedate during the day. While a number of wild animals, such as lemurs, coyotes and skunks, follow these patterns, certain animals that have been domes
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