Motorcycle accidents happen

Andrew Zucker
Andrew Zucker, Attorney at Law, The Zucker Law Firm
Andrew ZuckerZucker Law FirmDid you know? California has the largest number of motorcycles among all 50 states. Makes sense; California is the most populous state of all 50, too. With great year-round weather and tons of views from north to south, it’s not difficult to imagine why so many people invest in a motorcycle as an alternative mode of travel. With the hot summer weather behind us and the temperate days of autumn here, there’s sure to be even more motorcycles on the road.Not so fast. Not everything is smooth sailing, and we wouldn’t be writing this article if it was. Motorcycles come with their own slew of concerns. No one gets into a motor vehicle without some risk. Now imagine that tenfold on the back of a motorcycle. We’re not biased. In 2019, the National Hi
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