Medical expert says, ‘We are living in a very toxic society’

The graphic depicts black mold fungi aspergillus, which produces poisonous carcinogens, especially in certain food crops. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Shelby Ramsey Special to the Village News In regards to one’s health, it’s common to have an understanding of family medical history and whether or not you are living a healthy lifestyle. But how aware are you of the chemical content in the food you ingest day after day? Weighing in on this topic is Dr. Nancy Klimas, who has advised three Secretaries of Health and Human Services serving the United States. Klimas received international recognition for her research and clinical work in multi-symptom disorders. “Anything that drives the immune system or damages the immune system so it can’t be as responsive is bad for patients,” Klimas said. She said that mycotoxins in the environment are a big factor in conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome. She explained that my
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