Murrieta City Council celebrates all those coming and going into the new year

Murrieta City Council-Cphoto.jpg - The Dec. 15 Murrieta City Council meeting recognizes retiring members and those starting their new positions. Valley News/Courtesy photo
The Murrieta City Council selected a new mayor and mayor pro tem and swore in two new council members at the city council meeting Tuesday, Dec. 15.Murrieta’s current city council included Mayor Scott Vinton, Mayor Pro Tem Christi White, Councilmember Jonathan Ingram, Councilmember Lisa DeForest and Councilmember Lori Stone. The council said their goodbyes to outgoing Mayor Gene Wunderlich. Police Chief Sean Hadden and City Clerk Stephanie Smith retired and were recognized during the meeting as well.During the meeting, a presentation in honor of the 2020 city of Murrieta retirees thanked them for their service.Deona Knight, administrative services department, human resources manager, retired July 1.Barbara Priske, building and safety department, development services techni
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