Handle dog bite claims through insurance

Andrew Zucker
Andrew Zucker, Attorney at Law, The Zucker Law Firm
Andrew ZuckerZucker Law FirmYou’ve been doing your part: social distancing, wearing your mask and staying home. You can’t hit the gym anymore and with the upcoming holidays, you might be trying to combat that annual weight gain.Or, let’s be honest, just trying to nab some “you time” and maintain your sanity. A walk around the neighborhood sounds quite relaxing. Some fresh air, fall skies, it’s a nice – and free – way to unwind.But all of that is put at risk when you see what appears to be a friendly dog along your walk – except Fido isn’t feeling so friendly right now and in a spur of the moment, Fido bites you.It happens. And it’s happening more now since everyone is wearing masks. Dogs are having trouble reading facial cues, and it’s causing an
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