UC Riverside astronomers study ‘Super Earth’ at edge of galaxy

RIVERSIDE (CNS) - A planet about 50% larger than Earth in the outer reaches of the galaxy is currently the focus of analysis by UC Riverside astronomers and other researchers, who have dubbed the sizzling pile of rocks ``Super Earth,'' campus officials said Monday, Jan. 11. TOI-561, the official name of the newfound planet, has gained attention because of its composition and age -- predating Earth by about 10 billion years. One of those closely scrutinizing data related to the new find is UCR planetary astrophysicist Stephen Kane, who has co-authored a paper about TOI-561 for The Astronomical Journal. Among the key areas of interest for Kane is that while the planet has greater mass than Earth, it doesn't contain much in the way of heavy elements, or metals. Instead, it's just blazing h
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