Toucans reside in Fallbrook

Jerry Jennings shows off a pair of toucans at Emerald Forest Bird Gardens in Fallbrook. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo
Sandra Shrader Special to Valley News Note: Emerald Forest Bird Gardens is temporarily closed, please call them at 760-728-2226 before visiting. Most people like to think that they have some kind of master plan for their lives, but for Jerry Jennings, fate came disguised as a pair of toucans in a San Fernando Valley pet store in 1976. A longtime bird lover who had raised finches, Jennings said he thought the male and female toucans, each adorned with oversized beaks and plumage of bright colors, would become gaga over each other. But to his surprise, the cage mates remained completely disinterested in each other and that was when he became aware that there was more than one kind of toucan species, he said. “They were sold to me as a pair of the same species, but one of the
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