Lake Elsinore child helps raise $3,000 to donate to Cops for Kids

Reece Walsh receives an award for her work helping the community by raising $3,000 for Cops for Kids at the Lake Elsinore City Council meeting Tuesday, Jan. 26. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Dave Fontneau, executive director of Cops for Kids, recognized the volunteer work of a young child, Reece Walsh, at the Lake Elsinore city council meeting Tuesday, Jan. 26. “I was approached in the fall by Reece’s grandmother. She had a very interesting story about Reece wanting to give back during these trying times and just didn’t know what to do,” Fontneau said. “Reece, on her own, reached out to her teacher, along with several friends and came up with her own campaign to help those in need. She came up with a logo and name.” Walsh, her grandmother and her mother and her group of friends came up with a plan to help the community on their own, he said. And together, they raised over $3,000 for Cops for Kids that went back into the community and delivered gifts to over 6
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