Get rid of pests in the garden

Ground squirrels dig holes in lawns, creating burrows that can sink and leave lawns looking unsightly. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Andrea VerdinSpecial to Valley NewsSpring is just around the corner. Plants and flowers are budding, and gardens will begin to bear fruits and vegetables for the family to enjoy. Gardeners aren’t alone in their plans to feast on the outcome of their hard work, however. Pests, such as aphids, ants, squirrels and snails are as commonplace as weeds in a garden and can destroy the plans a gardener may have to enjoy the fruits of their hard labor.For agriculturists who want to fight their gardens’ saboteurs, it is best to know their enemy, identify what they can do to protect their crops, and what is needed to eradicate them.Dave Paulino, Fallbrook store manager for Grangetto’s Farm and Garden supply, offered several methods and treatments available to eradicate various pe
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