STHA researches sales tax assignments

Sage Town Hall Association secretary Lyndi Dana presents a map of Sage at the association’s member appreciation event at the Collins Ranch in Sage in this file photo from Aug. 17, 2019. Anza Valley Outlook/Sharyn Dana photo
Members of the Sage Town Hall Association discovered that the tiny community is being taxed for services they do not receive. “I’ve discovered that the problem with the sales tax money being misdirected is even much larger than Sage,” Bill Donahue said. In the basic sales tax, 1% is set aside for local government which in the case of Sage, Aguanga and Anza, is Riverside County. Some cities add an extra amount to the sales tax to help pay for additional services within their borders. For both Hemet and Temecula, that extra amount is another 1-2% of the sales tax from sales within those cities, designed to stay in those cities. “Because Sage shares a ZIP code with Hemet, not only are we often charged the higher Hemet city sales tax, when we buy online or make large purchases
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