Make the best of the extra time retirement brings

SAN FRANCISCO – Singer Jim Croce longed to put time in a bottle. Retirees aren’t always certain what it is they long to do with time, but one day they stop working and find they have a barrelful of it.“People often are so focused on making sure they are financially ready to retire that they forget to plan for what they want to do in retirement,” Patti Hart, co-author with her husband, Milledge, of “The Resolutionist: Welcome to the Anti-Retirement Movement,” said. “And they may have more time to fill than they realize. Life expectancy has grown, and retirements that last 20 years, 30 years or longer aren’t that unusual. So you have to start thinking, what will you do with your time? How do you envision your days playing out?”For the Harts, the answers to those qu
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