What’s good about your money?

Pastor Zachary Elliott
Zachary Elliott, 2020
Zachary ElliottSpecial to Valley NewsWell, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? It’s that time we look back to see how we did last year. Reminding ourselves how wise or how foolish we were with what we had.Yes, I’m talking about tax season.If you’re like me, you have an eternal love-hate relationship with money. On the one hand, you love it because it brings a sort of security and comfort to your life. On the other hand, you hate it because it never sticks around very long.This message is supposed to be an encouraging devotional, so let’s not get started on how fast the government takes their demanded portion.With all of the ups and downs that come with greenbacks, it’s essential to look at what the Almighty has to say about the almighty
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