Teens raise money to gift bike to 8-year-old

A local group of teens raise money to buy a bike for 8-year-old Jameson Stevenson. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Temecula resident Stefanie Droessler and her 8-year-old son Jameson received a surprise from a group of teens at the Temecula Skate Park Monday, Feb. 22. “We’ve lived in Temecula for five years now, and I want to say last year, he really took to going to the skatepark,” Droessler said. “It all just kind of started off with his scooter, and he started kind of mastering tricks on his scooter.” For his birthday, he requested a bike. “He said he wanted a BMX bike, and my wife and I were like OK, so we found a bike that we thought was a good bike for him and he got it for his birthday,” Droessler said. Once he received his bike, he started going to the skatepark with it, learning tricks. “I was at work and I had received a text message from a random number,” Dro
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