San Jacinto Council approves additional Esplanade Avenue widening and sidewalks for 2022

The San Jacinto city council has approved an interagency agreement with the Eastern Municipal Water District to join them in widening Esplanade Avenue between Sanderson Avenue and Warren Road with sidewalks and gutters and two new traffic signals later this year. The city project will be following EMWD’s San Jacinto Valley Raw Water Conveyance Facilities Phase 1 Program along Esplanade Avenue that will be installing six miles of large water transmission pipelines and the cathodic protection or EMWD’s facilities and the construction of a chlorination facility on the northeast corner of Esplanade Avenue and Warren Road. The agreement approved at the meeting Tuesday, March 2, showed the city, in addition to widening the road and putting in sidewalks, curbs and gutters, will place tr
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