Keep up with hearing health during COVID-19 pandemic

Diane Nens is audiologist and senior clinical director with UnitedHealthcare Hearing. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Diane Nens UnitedHealthcare Hearing While COVID-19 most frequently affects the lungs, other parts of the body may also be impacted, such as a loss of taste and smell. For a smaller number of people, instances of hearing loss are emerging, according to the International Journal of Audiology. Of equal or greater concern is that some people with hearing loss may be opting to delay treatment, in part due to COVID-19 exposure concerns with in-person medical appointments for testing and care. While hearing aid sales reached nearly 3.5 million in 2020, that represents a significant decline compared to the previous year, which may be attributed to the fact that the average person with hearing loss waits seven years before seeking treatment. Hearing loss is the third most common chr
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