Bodycam shows Daunte Wright fleeing arrest, officer shouting ‘Taser! Taser! Taser!’ before shooting him with service pistol

Daunte Wright is accidentally shot while fleeing arrest.
BRIANNA LYMANDailyCaller ReporterPolice released bodycam footage showing the fatal police shooting in a Minneapolis suburb that left a 20-year-old dead, with police saying the officer meant to grab her taser.Video footage shows an unidentified officer attempting to handcuff Daunte Wright. Another officer approaches and appears to begin to assist the officer.“Don’t do it,” one officer can be heard telling Wright as he attempts to handcuff him.Wright can be seen in the video trying to break loose and he eventually jumps back into his car. As one officer continues to try to apprehend Wright, now from the driver’s seat of Wright’s car, another officer — whose body camera the footage appears to be from — screams that she would tase Wright.“I’l
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