F.U.N. Group hosts food giveaway at Community Hall

Bettina Geissler, left, Bill Donahue and Victor Foster unload cases of chicken and bananas to give away for free Wednesday, April 7. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
The Friends Uniting Neighbors Group Inc. hosted an impromptu free food giveaway Wednesday, April 7, in the Anza Community Hall parking lot.Notifications of the afternoon event were posted on local social media groups, announcing free cases of chicken and bananas for one and all.F.U.N. Group benefactors Louis Ippolito and his wife Bettina Geissler arranged for the food to be delivered to the Community Hall.“Louis has contacts with numerous stores through his waste disposal company,” Bill Donahue of the F.U.N. Group said. “These stores often donate food to food banks. He is convincing them to donate to Friends Uniting Neighbors, Inc. Often the donations are more than we can handle – like a 53-foot trailer full of chicken and bananas – so we contact numerous other food b
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