Here are reported results from southwest Riverside County high school athletic events that took place over the last week. To report results, email information and Highlights to by Sunday at 5 p.m. Please include information about the event, including if it was a nonleague game/match, a league game/match or tournament game/match.



Linfield Christian 5, Western Christian 4



Great Oak 14, Redlands 4. Singles sweeps: McGowan (GO), Huang (GO). Doubles sweeps: Rutz-Robbins/Zhao (GO).

(Great Oak is 7-1. Redlands is 6-2.)



Elsinore def. Riverside Poly 3-0

Moreno Valley def. Lakeside 3-0

Paloma Valley def. Hemet 3-0



Citrus Hill 3, West Valley 0



Great Oak 14, Redlands 4. Singles sweeps: Brathwaite (GO), Kuntjoro (GO), Sato (GO).

(Great Oak is 6-3. Redlands is 8-2.)

Rancho Verde 10, Orange Vista 8



Western Christian 12, Linfield Christian 1. WP: Frey. Leading hitters: Frey (WC) 2-2, Lee (WC) 3-3, Abdallah (WC) 2-2, Weber (WC) 2-3. 2B: Lee, Beauvais (WC), Rosales (WC), 3B: Weber.

Highlight: Jazlynn Rosales drove in three runs for Western Christian.

(Western Christian is 6-1.)

Bethel Christian 17, Cornerstone Christian 7. WP: Villanueva. Leading hitters: Johnson (BC) 3-4, Atta (BC) 2-4. 2B: Johnson 2, Hunter (BC). HR: Villanueva (BC).

Highlight: Skye Johnson drove in three runs for Bethel Christian.

(Bethel Christian is 1-2.)




Elsinore 6, Notre Dame 2. WP: Horton. LP: Riggs. Leading hitters: Fox (ND) 3-3. 2B: McAncich (E), Hernandez (ND), Fox.

Highlight: Horton scattered six hits and struck out 10 in six innings.

(Elsinore is 5-1, 3-1 in league.)

Hemet 3, Temescal Canyon 2. WP: Hiner. LP: Cisneros. Leading hitters: Piata (H) 3-4, Estanislao (H) 2-3, Connor (TC) 2-3.

Highlight: Antonio Estanislao singled home the deciding run with two outs in the top of the seventh inning. Jake Hiner allowed no hits and struck out seven in three innings of relief for the win.

(Hemet is 9-2, 2-1 in league. Temescal Canyon is 1-5, 0-2 in league.)

Paloma Valley 15, Canyon Springs 1. WP: Gaunt. Leading hitters: Bush (PV) 2-4, Gaunt (PV) 2-5, Millar (PV) 2-4, Salgado (CS) 2-2. 2B: Millar.

Highlights: Kaden Miller drove in five runs for the Wildcats. Matt Gaunt allowed one run on three hits in six innings.

(Paloma Valley is 6-5, 2-0 in league. Canyon Springs is 7-5, 4-1.)

Orange Vista 7, Valley View 6. WP: Medina. LP: Snook. Leading hitters: Murray (OV) 2-3, Morales (OV) 3-3, Whittle (VV) 2-3, Robledo (VV) 2-3, Fierro (VV) 2-4. 2B: Murray, Ramos (OV), Whittle, Robledo, Fierro.

Highlight: Adalberto Vargas singled home the tying and winning runs with two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning.

(Orange Vista is 5-3, 3-0 in league. Valley View is 4-5, 1-2 in league.)

Lakeside 16, Vista del Lago 0 (5 innings). WP: B. Bollerer. Leading hitters: Navarro (L) 3-4, Rodriguez (L) 2-3, Siegel (L) 2-2, Gomez (L) 2-3, Acaeves (L) 2-3. 2B: Rodriguez 2, B. Bollerer (L), Navarro. HR: T. Bollerer (L)

Highlights: Brandon Bollerer allowed two hits and struck out nine. Sebastian Navarro drove in three runs for the Lancers.

(Lakeside is 5-4, 3-0 in league. Vista del Lago is 0-5, 0-3.)

Buena Park 11, Rancho Christian 5



Rancho Verde 51, Rancho Cucamonga 50

Perris 48, Moreno Valley 40

Corona 49, Temescal Canyon 42

Great Oak 65, Shadow Hills 64

Linfield Christian 55, Ontario Christian 44



Vista del Lago 2, Elsinore 0. Goals: Fregoso (VdL), Nash (VdL)

(Vista del Lago is 2-1-1, 2-0 in league.)

Canyon Springs 10, Notre Dame 1

Hemet 0, Lakeside 0

Linfield Christian 1, Ontario Christian 0

Great Oak 2, Vista Murrieta 1

Chaparral 4, Temecula Valley 0

Orange Vista 6, Rancho Verde 0



Great Oak 15, Temecula Valley 3. Singles sweeps: Moore (GO). Doubles sweeps: Anwar/Arabshahi (GO), Rutz-Robbins/Zhao (GO).

(Great Oak is 8-1, 5-0 in league.)



Norco 40, Elsinore 25

King 57, Paloma Valley 45

Ontario Christian 69, Linfield Christian 22

Fallbrook 75, Great Oak 45



Heritage 4, Moreno Valley 0.

Goals: Gyllenswan (H) 2, Montgomery (H), Suarez (H).

Canyon Springs 5, Lakeside 0

Elsinore 1, Vista del Lago 1

Rancho Verde 3, Orange Vista 0

Murrieta Mesa 2, Murrieta Valley 1

Temecula Valley 0, Chaparral 0

Citrus Valley 6, Redlands 1



Great Oak 11, Temecula Valley 7. Singles sweeps: Levias (TV). Doubles sweeps: Rezentas/Herrera (GO).

(Great Oak is 7-3, 5-0 in league.)



Roosevelt 13, Murrieta Valley 2. WP: Llamas. LP: Taylor. Leading hitters: Lopez (R) 3-5, Annett (R) 3-5, Jones (R) 2-4, Carter (R) 2-4, Antillon (MV) 4-4, Gozo (MV) 2-2. 2B: Lopez, Gozo 2. 3B: Jones. HR: Llamas

(Roosevelt is 4-0. Murrieta Valley is 2-6-1.)

Paloma Valley 6, San Jacinto 3. WP: Urban, LP: Gallegos. Leading hitters: Davis (PV) 2-4, McIntosh (PV) 2-4, Davis (SJ) 2-4, Felipe (SJ) 2-4, Blanco (SJ) 2-3. 2B: Flores (PV), Urban (PV), Felipe 2, Blanco, Deering (SJ).

(Paloma Valley is 2-2. San Jacinto is 5-3.)

Heritage 9, Temescal Canyon 1. WP: Skinner. LP: Sanchez. Leading hitters: Suttles (H) 2-3, Olivas (H) 2-4, Farmer (H) 3-4, Skinner (H) 2-4, Aldama (H) 3-4, Cabrera (TC) 2-4. 2B: Olivas, Farmer, Skinner, Aldama. HR: Farmer, Skinner, Aldama.

Highlights: Sydney Farmer and Ashley Aldama each drove in three runs for the Patriots.Tara Skinner allowed two hits and struck out 10 in six innings.

(Heritage is 6-1. Temescal Canyon is 3-2.)

Hemet 17, Rancho Verde 1. WP: Priefer. Leading hitters: Priefer (H) 2-3, Payne (H) 2-3, Laskowski (H) 2-3, Ciccone-Cozart (H) 2-3. 2B: Ciccone-Cozart, Priefer. HR: Ciccone-Cozart, Laskowski, Yodites (H).

Highlights: Abby Laskowksi and Kaya Ciccone-Cozart drove in four runs apiece for the Bulldogs.

(Hemet is 7-4, 3-0 in league.)

Orange Vista 7, Perris 0

Murrieta Valley High School fell to Roosevelt High School 71-64 in a non-league matchup Wednesday, April 14. Valley News/Andrez Imaging photo



Vista Murrieta 5, Temecula Valley 0. WP: Johnstone. LP: Warren. Leading hitters: Guetterman (VM) 2-2, 2B.

Highlight: Kade Johnstone and Nathan Lee combined on a one-hitter with seven strikeouts.

(Vista Murrieta is 9-3, 2-0 in league. Temecula Valley is 6-3, 1-1.)

Ontario Christian 6, Linfield Christian 0. WP: Leal. Leading hitters: Terriquez (OC) 2-2, Jones (OC) 2-3, Han (OC) 2-3. 2B: Burciaga (OC), Terriquez, Khazaal (OC), Whippo (OC).

Highlight: Luke Leal tossed a two-hitter with five strikeouts.

(Ontario Christian is 8-3, 1-0 in league. Linfield Christian is 7-1, 1-1.)

Citrus Hill 2, Tahquitz 0 (9 innings). WP: Rodriguez. Leading hitters: DeAngelo (CH) 2-4. 2B: Gurrola (CH). 3B: Munoz (CH), Torrez (CH).

Highlights: Ivan Niebla started and pitched seven scoreless innings with seven strikeouts. Josh Rodriguez pitched two scoreless innings of relief for the win. Alfredo Torres singled in the go-ahead run in the top of the ninth inning, and Nick Munoz tripled home the second run.

(Citrus Hill is 4-3, 1-0 in league. Tahquitz is 3-7, 1-2.)

Murrieta Mesa 6, Chaparral 4. WP: Kelley. LP: Ernisse. Leading hitters: Hurtado (MM) 2-3, Olaso (MM) 2-4, Byers (MM) 2-4. 2B: Olaso, Byers. 3B: Pavlovsky (C). HR: Hurtado, Olaso.

(Murrieta Mesa is 12-2, 2-0 in league.)

Murrieta Valley 11, Great Oak 10 (8 innings). WP: McBride. LP: Lake. Leading hitters: Flannery (MV) 2-3, Tauscher (MV) 2-2, Jacques (MV) 2-5, Canada (MV) 2-5, Kocaya (GO) 3-5, Smith (GO) 2-5, Will (GO) 3-5, Noah (GO) 3-5. 2B: Flannery, Adrian (GO), Will. 3B: Jacques.

Highlights: Murrieta Valley scored three runs in the bottom of the eighth inning to pull out the win. Colin McNeill singled home the tying and winning runs with two outs. Ayden Tauscher drove in three runs for Murrieta Valley.

(Murrieta Valley is 5-4, 1-1 in league. Great Oak is 5-6, 0-2.)

San Jacinto 5, West Valley 4



Roosevelt 71, Murrieta Valley 64

Palm Desert 68, Tahquitz 28



Citrus Hill 4, San Jacinto 0



Temecula Valley 201, La Quinta 273. Low scores: Janert (TV) 35, Graham (TV) 36.



Nuview Bridge 1, Temecula Prep 1.

Temecula Prep goal: R. Balderas.

Citrus Hill 1, San Jacinto 1

Perris 0, West Valley 0



United Christian Academy 17, Cornerstone Christian 4. WP: S. Morones. Leading hitters: Hernadez (UCA) 2-3, K. Morones (UCA) 3-4, Reyes (UCA) 2-2, Claycomb (UCA) 3-4, S. Morones (UCA) 4-4. 2B: Orozco (UCA), Reyes 2, Chang (UCA). HR: K. Morones.

Highlight: Katherine Morones drove in three runs for United Christian.

(United Christian is 3-0, 1-0 in league.)

Murrieta Mesa 10, Chaparral 0 (5 innings). WP: Ham. Leading hitters: Ruiz (MM) 2-3, Flexen (MM) 2-3, Eaves (MM) 2-3. 2B: Ruiz, Garcia (MM).

Hiighlights: Lacie Ham tossed a no-hitter and struck out eight batters. Sophia Ruiz drove in three runs for the Rams.

(Murrieta Mesa is 5-4, 2-0 in league.)

Beaumont 9, Paloma Valley 0. WP: Salmon. LP: Holmgren. Leading hitters: Mora (B) 2-3, Placencia (B) 3-4, Medina (B) 2-4. 2B: Vasquez. HR: Mora, Salmon (B).

Highlights: Cambria Salmon tossed a one-hitter with 12 strikeouts. Priscilla Mora hit a grand slam in the fourth inning.

(Beaumont is 7-2.)

Ontario Christian 16, Linfield Christian 0 (5 innings). WP: Ulloa. Leading hitters: Ulloa (OC) 2-3, Haagsma (OC) 2-4, Montgomery (OC) 2-3, Miedecke (OC) 2-4. 2B: Sanchez (OC), Haagsma, Montgomery, Trujillo (OC).

Highlight: Xoe Ulloa tossed a one-hitter with seven strikeouts. Lauren Sanchez drove in three runs for the Kinights.

(Ontario Christian is 5-4, 2-0 in league.)

Vista Murrieta 2, Temecula Valley 1. WP: Spencer. LP: Cecil. Leading hitters: Ganaden (VM) 2-3. 2B: Ganaden 2.

Highlights: Taylour Spencer pitched three scoreless inning of relief and struck out eight to earn the win. Vista Murrieta scored both runs in the top of the seventh inning, on a dropped third strike and a catcher’s interference. Jada Cecil tossed a three-hitter and struck out 14 for Temecula Valley.

Great Oak 2, Murrieta Valley 1





Heritage 12, Orange Vista 2. WP: Ramos. LP: Zamora. Leading hitters: Kristall (H) 2-4, Mandujano (H) 3-4, Martinez (H) 2-4, Hayes (H) 3-4, Helton (H) 2-3, Ramos (H) 2-3, Rubalcava (OV) 2-3. 2B: Martinez, Hayes, Helton.

Highlights: Logan Hayes drove in four runs for Heritage. Aiden Ramos allowed no earned runs and four hits in five innings for the win.

(Heritage is 6-3, 4-0 in league.)

Riverside Poly 4, Paloma Valley 3. WP: Ryan. LP: Castillo. Leading hitters: S. Burgess (RP) 2-4, Rodriguez (PV) 2-4, Vento (PV) 3-4. 2B: S. Burgess, Lara (RP), Treece (RP), Rodriguez, Vento.

Highlight: Sam Burgess doubled home the winning run with two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning.

(Poly is 4-8, 2-1 in league. Paloma Valley is 6-6, 2-1.)

Temecula Valley 6, Centennial 5. WP: Hernandez. LP: Scovel. SV: Acevedo. Leading hitters: George (TV) 2-3, Carson (TV) 2-3, Del Villar (C) 3-3. 2B: Yzermans (TV).

Highlight: Grant Yzermans drove in three runs for Temecula Valley. Jonah Eaton had three RBIs for Centennial.)

(Temecula Valley is 7-3. Centennial is 7-4.)

Elsinore 3, Canyon Springs 2. WP: Thoulion. LP: Salgado. SV: Sluder. Leading hitters: Thoulion (E) 2-2, Alvarez (CS) 2-3, Alfaro (CS) 2-4. 2B: Thoulion, Harley (E), Slayton (E), Alfaro, Gonzalez (CS), Alvarez.

(Elsinore is 6-1. Canyon Springs is 7-6.)

Indian Springs 1, Perris 0

Hemet 10, Lakeside 4



Palm Desert 50, Temescal Canyon 40

Colony 67, Rancho Verde 48

Linfield Christian 81, Cal Lutheran 43

Indio 56, Perris 55



Lakeside 3, Moreno Valley 1. Lakeside goals: Glore 2, Rivera.

(Lakeside is 5-2-1, 3-0-1 in league. Moreno Valley is 3-3-2, 0-2-1.)

Heritage 7, Notre Dame 0

Orange Vista 1, Hemet 0

Rancho Verde 2, Elsinore 2

Citrus Valley 2, Beaumont 2

Chaparral 3, Great Oak 0



Orange Vista 55, North 34. Orange Vista scoring: Jordan 16, Bourgeois 10, Clark 10, Manning 9, Nichols 5, Upson 5. (Orange Vista is 1-1. North is 1-1.)

Temecula Valley 45, Ramona 22. Temecula Valley scoring: Packwood 16, Dimopoulos 14, Garcia 8, Mattox 3, Matagulay 2, McAfee 2.

Paloma Valley 71, Murrieta Valley 35. Paloma Valley scoring: Pierfax 23, Woodley 22, Bradley 15, Valdivia 6, Lewis 2, Hawkins 2, Blames 1.

(Paloma Valley is 2-2. Murrieta Valley is 2-1.)

Linfield Christian 48, Cal Lutheran 40



Lakeside 1, Moreno Valley 0

Citrus Valley 4, Beaumont 0



Paloma Valley 7, Orange Vista 5. WP: Swenson. LP: Arballo. Leading hitters: Maldonado (PV) 2-4, Mendez (PV) 2-4, Davis (PV) 2-3, Flores (PV) 2-3, Banda (OV) 2-4, Zabala (OV) 2-4. 2B: Banda, Edmonds (OV), Calderon (OV).

Highlight: Chloey Swenson pitched four scoreless innings of relief for the win,

(Paloma Valley is 3-3. Orange Vista is 5-1.)

Temescal Canyon 20, Rancho Verde 1 (5 innings). WP: Peters. Leading hitters: Peters (TC) 2-3, Cabrera (TC) 2-3, Lawrence (TC) 3-3. 2B: Ellenwood (TC), Juarez (TC), Lawrence. HR: Cabrera.

Highlight: Macie Lawrence drove in four runs for the Titans.

(Temescal Canyon is 4-2. Rancho Verde is 0-4.)

Heritage 27, Tahquitz 0 (4 innings). WP: Shaw. Leading hitters: Suttles (H) 2-2, Olivas (H) 2-3, Frand (H) 3-4, Barron (H) 2-2, Abrantes (H) 2-4, Mathews (H) 3-3, Skinner (H) 2-3. 2B: Ansell (H), Frand, Barron, Mathews, Aldama (H). 3B: Olivas.

Highlights: Tyler Suttles and Adriana Albrantes each drove in three runs.

(Heritage is 7-1.)

Citrus Valley 8, San Jacinto 0. WP: Petty, LP: Gallegos. Leading hitters: Lee (CV) 2-4, Haynes (CV) 2-4, Nadeau (CV) 3-4, Jimenez (CV) 2-4, House (CV) 2-4, Pena (CV) 2-4. HR: Nadeau.

Highlights: Taylor Petty tossed a six-hitter with six strikeouts. Ella Nadeau drove in three runs for the Blackhawks.

(Citrus Valley is 2-2. San Jacinto is 5-4.)

Nuview Bridge 17, Perris 11





King 7, Temescal Canyon 6.

WP: Evangelista. LP: Herbert. Leading hitters: Smith (TC) 2-4, Diaz (K) 2-2. 2B: Evangelista (K). 3B: Diaz. HR: Smith.

Highlights: Adrian Diaz drove in four runs for King. Nolan Smith knocked in four runs for Temescal Canyon.

(King is 9-2. Temescal Canyon is 1-6.)

Great Oak 3, Vista Murrieta 1.

WP: Rodda. LP: Pirko. SV: Smith. Leading hitters: Potter (GO) 2-3, McCollum (VM) 2-3, Fowler (VM) 2-3, Martinez (VM) 2-3. 2B: Allinson (GO), Lingos (GO), Gutterman (VM).

Murrieta Mesa 4, Murrieta Valley 3

WP: Raineri. LP: Olsen. SV: Byers. Leading hitters: Byers (MM) 1-2, 2B, 2 RBI; May (MM) 1-2, RBI

Temecula Valley 5, Chaparral 4

Temecula Prep 25, Cal Lutheran 0

San Jacinto 3, West Valley 0



Hillcrest 67, Elsinore 44. Hillcrest scoring: Hall 26, Wiltz 25, Evans 8, Billedo 5, Opina 3. Elsinore scoring: Creel 13, Montgomery 9, Gray 9, Romero 7, Keith 4, Relatto 2.

(Hillcrest is 4-0. Elsinore is 0-2.)

Canyon Springs 80, Tahquitz 56

Corona 84, Paloma Valley 55

Chaparral 74, Heritage 59

Great Oak 69, Beaumont 22

Santa Margarita 61, Murrieta Valley 58

Linfield Christian 83, Arrowhead Christian 42



Linfield Christian 1, Arrowhead Christian 0. Goal: Haddadin (LC).

(Linfield Christian is 6-2-3, 5-1-2 in league.)

San Jacinto 4, Tahquitz 0. Goals: Rizo (SJ) 3, Lozano (SJ).

(San Jacinto is 2-5, 2-2 in league.)

Cornerstone Christian 5, West Valley 0

Temecula Prep 3, California Military Institute 2



Murrieta Mesa 60, Shadow Hills 45

Chaparral 45, Riverside Poly 43

Linfield Christian 51, Arrowhead Christian 47



Tahquitz 6, San Jacinto 0

Arrowhead Christian 4, Linfield Christian 1

Perris 2, Citrus Hill 1

Paloma Valley 2, Temescal Canyon 0



Murrieta Valley 5, Murrieta Mesa 3. WP: Taylor. LP: Ham. Leading hitters: Taylor (MV) 2-3. 2B: Westmoreland (MV), Antillon (MV). HR: Torres (MM).

Highlight: Lillian Taylor tossed a three-hitter with 10 strikeouts.

Hemet 12, Canyon Springs 1

San Jacinto Valley Academy 21, Cal Lutheran 0

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