Temecula City Councilwoman asks, ‘When is enough, enough?’

Temecula’s District 2 Councilwoman Jessica Alexander is speaking out against those who are calling her racist following two city council meetings where she was singled out for her comments. Valley News/Courtesy photo
A Temecula city council meeting April 13 has garnered attention, not only from local, regional daily papers, and national publications such as the Hill as well as international publications in the United Kingdom and late night TV shows.There was very little drama during the meeting, but the controversy afterward centered around Councilwoman Jessica Alexander, who in the last 10 minutes of a three hour meeting drew a parallel between being forced to wear masks in order to meet in person and Rosa Parks deciding to stand up and sit in the front of the bus during a discussion to return to in person meetings after more than a year of virtual meetings brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.“Look at Rosa Parks, she was accommodated at the back of the bus, but she finally took a stand an
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