Ramona Bowl in Hemet may reopen soon with a new facelift

The nearly completed and paved handicapped parking area in front of the Ramona Bowl at 27400 Ramona Bowl Road in Hemet. Electrical systems remain to be finished. Valley News/Tony Ault photo
The famous Ramona Bowl Amphitheater and home of the Ramona Outdoor Play, after 14-months, may reopen for tributes and outdoor pageants once again with the statewide lowering of the COVID-19 restrictions.The first excited group to enter the 5,000-seat outdoor theater, made famous by the Ramona Play, may be the 2020-2021 graduating class of Hemet High School.The students and visitors coming to the amphitheater in the next few months will see major changes in the handicapped parking area, a repaved upper parking lot, a newly located Gift Shop and a memorial fountain honoring the Ramona Play’s late board of directors members.“We have been very busy during the long COVID pandemic,” Lori Van Arsdale, Ramona Amphitheater board member and executive officer. She said the rejuvenat
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