Movie Review: ‘Spiral’

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Bob Garver“Spiral” comes to us “from the Book of ‘Saw,’” meaning that it’s a spinoff of the popular mostly-2000’s horror series. The Jigsaw Killer is referenced a number of times in this film, but I assure you that, like Generalissimo Francisco Franco, he remains dead. The Spiral Killer, for his or her part, has named themself (themselves? – don’t count out a team-up) after Jigsaw’s supposed philosophy of life evolving in a constant circle. I don’t remember Jigsaw ever extolling that philosophy. Is the Spiral Killer sure they picked it up from Jigsaw and not “The Lion King?”The film stars Chris Rock as Detective Zeke Banks, the most unpopular cop in the department due to his history of turning in dirty colleagues. He’s only managed to keep his job beca
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