Learn from Congregation B’nai Chaim: Parshat Behaalotecha

Rabbi Emily JK Holtzman . Valley News/Courtesy photo
Rabbi Emily JK HoltzmanSpecial to Valley NewsIn this week’s parsha, the menorah in the Tabernacle is lit in observance of Pesach Sheni (a second Passover). The Israelites are given another chance to offer the Passover sacrifice if one missed it during Passover, no questions asked, and there are no punishments for missing the first opportunity. God gave the Israelites another chance to engage in this ritual. The Israelites are not always given a second opportunity in ritual or in life, but here they are.After celebrating the second chance Passover, the people begin to complain, they yearn for the fish of Egypt that they do not have access to in the wilderness. They have come this far, escaped from slavery, built the Tabernacle, received the Laws of the Torah, and given the det
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