Aguanga woman befriends roadrunner

Cindy Kelly of Aguanga gently holds her new friend Tom the roadrunner for a quick photo. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
Often described as outgoing, sociable and bubbly, Aguanga resident Cindy Kelly makes friends easily. Her most recent acquaintance is of the avian variety. Kelly's new pal is a wild Greater Roadrunner. "I have a huge connection with these birds," she said. "This is the third one I have caught. They weren't even scared as I walked right over and was able to pick them up. When I put this one down, he didn't even run, he just stood there and then kind of just skipped off!" The greater roadrunner, Geococcyx californianus, is a bird in the cuckoo family. Its scientific name means "Californian earth cuckoo". These birds are about 20 - 24 inches long, with a 17 - 24-inch wingspan and is the largest cuckoo of the Americas. Roadrunners are mostly brown with black streaks and occasion
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