VAERS has reported skyrocketing vaccine related deaths and health ‘events’

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called an emergency meeting this week to look into reports of about 500 young people who have received Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines and then experienced myocarditis or pericarditis – two types of heart inflammation. In fact, the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System database has experienced a huge jump in US deaths related to the vaccines. According to the CDC’s own data, in 2021 in the first three months, the VAERS website recorded over 1,750 deaths due to vaccines in the U.S., but that number is now almost 6,000. It is widely believed that the database only contains a small percentage of adverse events, as it is a self-reporting system, which many people don’t know about and if a doctor reports an event it takes 2
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