Helping the homeless: Hemet

Valley News/Courtesy photo
While there is widespread homelessness everywhere, cities are taking different approaches to dealing with the issue. In Hemet, the ROCS (Restoring Our Community Strategy) program was taken over by the Hemet Police Department to make sure that homelessness was given a priority.When the City of Hemet first adopted the program in 2012, homelessness was not a specific objective, however, it was being addressed. The police department’s portion of ROCS was mainly two officers and a sergeant and served as more of a taskforce with the goal of improving the quality of life for everyone.“After a few years, and some budget issues, the citywide program mostly fizzled out,” Hemet PD Lt. Eric Dickson said. “In or around 2016, I pitched an idea to the Chief of Police to drastically expand
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