Dorland Mountain Arts Colony seeking road repair help

Board members of the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, having overcome the devastation of a major fire through their oak-covered home in the foothills of Wine Country, are now seeking help to repair a major roadway leading to the colony. The artists who utilize Dorland Mountain Arts Colony have pointed out that Marthe Minkler Way leading to the colony’s rental cabins and work auditorium, is deteriorating, according to Board member Steven Forry, Ph.D. “Given the artistic legacy and metaphoric importance of these great roads, for the artists and friends who come to Dorland, there’s only one important road: Martha Minkler Way, that quarter-mile, 10-percent grade up from Highway 79 and into the awaiting tranquility of the Dorland cottages is in need of up to $28,000 to repave the only
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