Rose care FUNdamentals for August 2021

Deformed and discolored blooms indicate a Chilli Thrip infestation. The rose in the foreground is Marilyn Monroe. Valley News/Rita Perwich photo
Frank Brines, ARS Master Consulting Rosarian Special to Valley News Summer is certainly upon us and based on experience, it’s only going to get hotter before it gets cooler. (I didn’t need to tell you that at the beginning of August, did I?) 2021 is and has been very unusual weatherwise, breaking records all over the globe. Since high summer temperatures and less-than-ideal conditions for roses are inevitable for the next couple of months, let’s get ready. Stroll through your gardens in the morning, look for leaf wilt, drying or discoloration of leaves and the general leaf reflectance (surface luster). If it appears dull, investigate the plant for disease, drought or pests. If you’ve taken my advice, you’re letting your roses continue their summer dormancy until about mi
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