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Rose Care FUNdamentals, May 2021

Frank Brines ARS Master Consulting Rosarian There were signs of climate change again this year. Temperatures and rainfall patterns differed greatly from last year, with temps...

Rose Care FUNdamentals for April

Frank Brines ARS Master Consulting Rosarian Many gardeners are having – or are about to have – their first flush of blooms. Climate change is influencing...

Rose Care FUNdamentals for March

Frank Brines Special to Valley News Location, Location, Location. Depending on your location – or more specifically that of your garden – you may have experienced...

Rose Care FUNdamentals for January 2021

Frank Brines ARS Master Consulting Rosarian Happy New Year – let’s hope this one is an improvement over 2020. This month I’m going to help you...

Rose Care FUNdamentals for December 2020

Frank Brines American Rose Society Depending on which side of the canyon you live, weather has been relatively good for fall roses. Most areas still haven’t...

Rose Care FUNdamentals for November

Frank Brines ARS Master Consulting Rosarian Experiencing a summer of high temperatures, fires, smoke, ash and Santa Ana winds, Valley residents look forward to having some...

Rose Care FUNdamentals for October 2020

Frank Brines, ARS Master Consulting Rosarian The latest weather report verifies what gardeners suspected: August 2020 was the hottest August on record. We also experienced...

Temecula Valley Rose Society to host meeting

The Temecula Rose Society will host its monthly meeting focusing on CALSCAPE to learn about California’s native roses at the Temecula Library, 30600 Pauba...

How and when to prune rose bushes

In southern California winter is usually short and sometimes confusing. Winter for some plant life is a time of withdrawal that precedes renewal. For...

Rose Care FUNdamentals for October 2019

The next two weeks’ weather forecast looks like southwest Riverside County is back to a period of more normal temperatures for this time of...