Rose Care FUNdamentals, May 2022

If a gardener suspects spider mites are present on their roses, an inspection of the underside of the leaf will feel gritty when a finger is run over it. Valley News/Frank Brines photo
Frank Brines, ARS Master RosarianSpecial to Valley NewsSeems as though confusion is the new weather normal with more signs of climate change again this year. Temperatures and rainfall patterns differed greatly. Rose growth and development are dependent on weather, and flower production is particularly impacted by inconsistent temperatures, sun and water. All of these shifts have made it more difficult for me to predict what to do and when to do it.The longer time frame for rain and more misty cool nights caused some rust, mildew and Botrytis fungi to appear quickly. Blooms were affected by Botrytis which “rots” the petals preventing them from opening. A few warmer days would encourage growth and produce buds, then a few days of 70-80 F caused a burst of growth toward bloomi
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