Rose Care FUNdamentals for September 2023

Inspect your irrigation system to make sure it is delivering enough water, isn’t clogged and isn’t over watering. Valley News/Adobe Stock photo
Frank BrinesARS Master RosarianI checked the weather projections and learned that temperatures in the Temecula Valley for the first week of September are predicted for the mid-80s. The higher than normal humidity due to warmer ocean water temperatures will make it feel warmer. All in all, temperatures are trending higher in the last five years. The deluge from Tropical Storm Hilary will help recharge soils, but gardeners should stay alert to the water status of their roses as the month progresses and continue to do so until cooler weather. If you’re using drip irrigation, run your system in the early evening to give your roses the opportunity to thoroughly hydrate overnight. If you’re using a hose or other non-surface method, do it in the early morning – it’s best to avoid
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