Four life tests and how to pass them – Part 3

Lady contemplating her faith
Zachary Elliott Special to Valley News So far, we’ve learned about the dreaded Stress Test and the Disappointment Test. Today we’re going to look at No. 3 on our list. The Commitment Test If you’ve ever received an Evite (an emailed invitation, typically to a party) from someone you know, there are usually three options to choose from in response: Yes, no or maybe. Two of those three options are blatantly clear. So that we’re on the same page, let’s review these responses and their meaning. When you say yes, you’re letting your host know you will attend the event. When you say no, you’re letting your host know that you will not be at the event and that someone else can have your slice of cake. When you say maybe, you’re saying… well, maybe. This
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