Woman befriends lizard

Lizzy the western fence lizard accepts a mealworm from Stephanie Rollain’s tiny fork. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
Anza resident Stephanie Rollain is well-known for her passion for nature, and local wildlife in particular. She is kind to every bug and rodent that comes her way.She recently began sharing pictures of her newest acquaintance on social media. Lizzy the western fence lizard has made her Facebook debut.“She’s so photogenic,” Rollain said. “I adore this little blessing in my life. She’s very entertaining.”Rollain recently decided to offer the tiny creature a snack. Fence lizards love insects, so Rollain purchased some mealworms and presented them to Lizzy on a tiny fork. The reptile responded, munching the wiggly prey.“Do lizards get fat if they eat too much?” Rollain asked on her Facebook feed.
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