Cub Trek group lands in Lake Riverside Estates

The Cub Trekgroup lands their custom planes at the Lake Riverside Estates airstrip for a short break Friday, Sept. 3. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
A trio of backcountry bush planes landed minutes apart on Lake Riverside Estates’ airstrip Friday, Sept. 3. The group of close friends had been airport hopping for most of the day.“We did a lot of side country flying today, visiting multiple local strips and had lunch with friends and neighbors,” LRE pilot Anthony D. Longobardo said.Their aircraft are called bush planes, developed specifically for short takeoffs and landings in rough terrain.“These are planes with monster shocks and huge balloon tires made to land and take off on dirt roads, fields, river gravel bars, etc. in just a few hundred feet,” Longobardo explained.Greg Johnson piloted his black factory-built
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