Aguanga woman collects mermaid tears in Aguanga

Multicolored glass chips called mermaid tears, have been worn smooth by erosion. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
Kirsten Marie Klohe loves to make art out of antique and even discarded items. Her creations are colorful, inventive and unique. As a resident of the Bergman property in Aguanga, where she lives with her extended family, she has a lot of opportunities to discover interesting things to use in her art. One day, while scouring the grounds for vintage metal to form into another project, she came across some colorful glass shards. “I started making home decor art with old stuff that I find here on our property,” Klohe said. “About a month ago I came across some pieces of broken old purple glass and used it. Then I picked up a lot more. Most of the glass was smooth and foggy looking, like the sea glass that is called mermaid tears. Now I find myself looking at the ground every time I
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