Brain games are serious business for researchers looking for players

Anja Pahor and Aaron Seitz at the UCR Brain Game Center are leading a team of researchers for a massive online memory training study and are seeking participants. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Aaron Seitz founded the UCR Brain Game Center for Mental Fitness and Well-Being in 2014 with the goal of examining what approaches to brain training would benefit people in their daily lives and chosen activities. Brain training can be described as the mental equivalent of going to a gym. Instead of a physical workout to improve a body’s fitness, it is meant to strengthen the brain systems that support cognitive performance.Through research outreach Seitz and his colleagues, Susanne M. Jaeggi and Anja Pahor, are using brain games as a method to measure memory functions in a wide array of people. In the first of several Citizen Science Projects they plan to launch over the next few years, the current “Online Memory Training Study” will cultivate results from 30,000 participants to
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