Rose care FUNdamentals for October

Gardening makes morning people out of us as it is the best time to assess garden conditions. Look for wilted or dry crispy foliage. Adobestock/galaganov photo
Frank Brines, ARS Master Rosarian Special to Valley News Well, I always enjoy looking back to last year’s care column for the month. October 2020 was the hottest Oct. 1 on record with 102.8 degrees. According to Accuweather the average normal temps for Temecula is high of 83 and a low of 54. The average for 2020 was high 86.8 degrees and low 55.7 degrees. Predictions for this October are mild 90s for the first week decreasing to 80s by month’s end. Just to show the climate is changing. All this is helpful for garden activities this month. Midseason pruning and fertilizing must be carefully coordinated with weather conditions. When temperatures are in the 90-100s range, take care to not remove too much foliage because this can overexpose canes to the fierce sun resulting in sun
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