Tahquitz High School students become “Anti-Social” starting Nov. 4

Senior Isabella Marlette rehearses her part in “Anti-Social” at Tahquitz High School, Oct. 14. Students will be wearing clear face coverings during the show so as not to distract from the action. Valley News/Diane A. Rhodes photo
In this age of texts, tweets and abbreviated thoughts, Tahquitz High School theater students aim to shed some light and light-heartedness on the popularity of social media through their performances in “Anti-Social” Nov. 4 and 5.Drama teacher Monica Reichl said the production is a collection of short plays that make fun of the “social” in social media, and how we engage with, value and behave on our various platforms, from Instagram to Myspace, asking “is anyone even on Myspace anymore?” She said, “From real life followers to real life trolls to parents shocked and disappointed about their daughter’s Instagram account to becoming internet famous, “Anti-Social” is a comedic and at times painful look at some of the more ridiculous aspects of our lives online.”Wi
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