The Winery Review: Cougar Vineyard & Winery

Cougar Vineyard & Winery in Temecula's wine country is located at 39870 De Portola Road. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo
The Mystery WinoWelcome to fall in Temecula! Time to unpack those wool sweaters, stack a cord of firewood by the back porch, and retrieve the snow blower from the shed. Winter is coming.Just kidding. Harvest time in Temecula is usually scorching and this year is no different.Despite the heat, I love early fall in wine country. The ardent anticipation of hundreds of winemakers, owners, and wine lovers hangs palpably in the air. Each year’s harvest, crush and press are like final exams for which the grades will be largely unknown for another year. It’s also a perfect time to visit the wineries, where new vintages, smaller crowds, cooler temperatures (eventually), and an overall more pleasant winery experience await.The BackgroundI have to admit that until fairly recen
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