Earlier this month the owners, members and trainers from the two local F45 HIIT training facilities (Temecula and Murrieta North) met up to compete in a playoff driven competition where bragging rights were surely up for grabs. In F45, the ‘F’ stands for functional training, a mix of circuit and HIIT style workouts geared toward everyday movement and the sessions are usually no longer than 45 minutes. Leading up to the playoffs, those who chose to compete trained at weekly sessions that were geared toward friendly competition.

Murrieta North owner, Brad Coonradt (bottom; red shirt), was the overall individual winner of the first ever Temecula versus Murrieta F45 playoffs. Valley News/Ericka Chavez photo

“The F45 Playoffs is the ultimate fitness test, 10 grueling minutes that will test your strength, agility and endurance,” Murrieta North owner Brad Coonradt said. “We have fun at our studio, but we are also incredibly competitive. Not only did we want to compete at our facility, but we also took it one step further and decided to schedule a “friendly-competitive” match against Temecula to see who is the ultimate F45er.

Coonradt was the overall individual winner with 689 points, representing his gym well, but Temecula secured the team victory with their average scores. Averages had to be taken into consideration because Murrieta showed up with a studio full of eager competitors, while Temecula kept their competitor count small and comfortable.

“It was a great day for both studios and for our members, we look forward to hosting the next one in December,” Coonradt said.

The Murrieta North location, 36100 Hidden Springs Road Suite A, is currently open in the mornings and afternoons before and after work, as is the Temecula location, 41493 Margarita Road Suite G101. Current membership offers include a one-week no risk trial at either location. Inquire with owners and staff regarding pricing. Search F45 online for more information.

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