Visit Temecula Valley announces Xenia Hospitality Award winners

Wilson Creek Winery celebrates winning the Social Media Award, the Hospitality Award and CEO Bill Wilson’s Ambassador Award at the 11th annual Xenia Hospitality Awards, Thursday, Oct. 21. Valley News/ Courtesy photo
TEMECULA – More than 250 Visit Temecula Valley members and partnership organizations gathered Thursday, Oct. 21, for its 11th annual Xenia Hospitality Awards. The awards were given in six categories: Social Media Award, Champion Culinary Award, Ambassador Award, Hospitality Award, Golden Tap Brewery of the Year, Winery of the Year and Tourism Professional of the Year. In addition, 35 employees at various businesses in Temecula Valley received recognition through Spotlight on Service for their outstanding customer service.Social Media AwardFor the greatest impact promoting and attracting visitors to Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country through social media, the award went to Wilson Creek Winery. The winery receives more than 450,000 weekly impressions with an average o
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