Federal contractors get more flexibility to enforce COVID-19 vaccine rules for millions

Trucks fill up on gas at the One9 truck stop in Wildwood, Georgia, Oct. 20. Previously, the American Trucking Associations, the Cargo Air Association and other trade groups have issued warning that the already stretched-thin supply chain would be subject to further strain as some workers will be laid off or will simply quit over the mandate. (Jackson Elliott/The Epoch Times)
Jack Phillips The Epoch Times New guidance released by the White House Monday suggests that federal contractors will have significant leeway in enforcing President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Federal contractors such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, United Airlines, IBM, UPS and many more employ a significant number of Americans. The new guidance, released on the Safer Federal Workforce website, provides flexibility for those companies to determine how to enforce the mandate. “A covered contractor should determine the appropriate means of enforcement with respect to its employee at a covered contractor workplace who refuses to be vaccinated and has not been provided, or does not have a pending request for, an accommodation,” according to the guidelines. Bide
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