EMWD approves reimbursement agreement for Murrieta Hot Springs Road widening

The Eastern Municipal Water District approved a reimbursement agreement with Murrieta for the relocation of water and sewer facilities which will be necessary when the city widens Murrieta Hot Springs Road. Eastern’s board voted 5-0 Wednesday, Nov. 3, to approve the agreement in which the water district will reimburse the city $155,000 for the work. Eastern has previous easement rights on Via Frontera, so the city will be responsible for the expenses on that street. The EVMD action appropriated $181,000 which also covers $13,000 for contract administration and $9,000 for inspection services. The city of Murrieta will be widening Murrieta Hot Springs Road between Margarita Road and Winchester Road.  The city and Eastern coordinated with each other so that water and sewer facility r
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