Thankful to reach Temecula

Temecula sits at the crossroad between the desert and the coastlands, between the mountains and the flatlands, between San Diego and San Gabriel valleys. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Rebecca Marshall Farnbach Special to Valley News Temecula, the native word meaning “place of the sun,” warms many a soul who resides here. From early times, it has been a place of shelter, warmth and abundance. Long ago, before the entrance of “others,” the native people led a good life with resources of water, acorns and everything needed to sustain the lives of their people. In 1797, when the first priests from San Luis Rey Mission crested the hills to view the green valley, they, too, recognized the value of the lush, green lands of the Temecula Valley. Within a few years, they founded a mission outpost, they grazed cattle in the pastures and plan
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