Movie Review: ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’

Bob Garver Special to Valley News As a child, I loved the colorful storybooks about Clifford the Big Red Dog. As a teenager, I had nothing against the cartoon. As an adult working in Times Square, I despised having to spend several hours a day this past week standing across the street from a billboard depicting a dead-eyed CGI Clifford holding a maintenance hole cover in his mouth like a Frisbee. Maybe if this new Clifford looked anything like the expressive character from my childhood, I might be willing to go easy on him, but the “dog” in this movie is not the character children know and love. The movie sees moody Harlem seventh grader Emily Elizabeth, played by Darby Camp, left in the care of her irresponsible uncle Casey, played by Jack Whitehall. The only bonding activity
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