Customized cancer treatments offer possible life-saving options

Rebecca Owens, founder and CEO of Swellter Inc. in Murrieta, is ready to launch revolutionary technology to benefit cancer patients. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Rebecca Owens has dedicated her career to studying cancer testing and what can be done to improve it for those who are diagnosed with the deadly disease, an estimated 1.1 million Americans this year. She said diagnosis is not the problem but knowing how to handle the next steps are critical.Owens, a Temecula resident, is the founder and CEO of Swellter Inc., a health technology platform that has a web-enabled application for patients to dynamically learn about their testing, treatment and clinical trial options. The platform evolves as the patient’s illness changes. When the doctor inputs new information in a patient’s medical chart, the platform will update the patient’s view with the new education that is needed to best understand what is going on with their care.“We beli
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