Monday, November 29, 2021
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American Cancer Society hosts grand opening of new Discovery Shop

The American Cancer Society’s newest Discovery Shop location at 40665 Winchester Road, Suite 8, in Temecula hosted a grand opening celebration, Friday, Nov. 5. Proceeds...

Understanding colorectal cancer

TEMECULA – No one is immune to cancer. People of all ages and from all walks of life can be diagnosed with cancer, though...

Michelle’s Place expands services for cancer survivors and thrivers

An open house was held April 29 for the staff and volunteers at Michelle’s Place Cancer Resource Center in Temecula to show what can...

What is your cancer risk?

Dr. Jenna LeComte-Hinely, Health Assessment and Research for Communities An important part of cancer prevention is knowing your personal level of risk. While there is no...

How to survive the financial burden of cancer

Jami Buchanan McNees Special to Valley News Is it possible to be more financially secure after cancer than someone was before their diagnosis? The answer is...

Apply these healthy skin tips for 2021

NEW YORK CITY – When a new year comes around, many people assess their health and vow to improve their well-being. Resolving to take...

Explore the many types of cancer treatments

National Cancer Institute Special to Valley News Despite the many different cancer treatments, the types of treatment that a cancer patient may receive will depend on...

Cancer diagnosis is a life-changing experience

Ashlee Collins Southwest Healthcare Systems A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing experience. Everything changes in that single moment that when a person hears, “You have cancer.”...