Food Truck Friday launched in Hemet

Visitors to Food Truck Friday at the Ramona Bowl in Hemet keep vendors busy, Nov. 26. Valley News/Diane A. Rhodes photo
For those that didn’t get enough to eat at the Thanksgiving table on Nov. 25, the Ramona Bowl Amphitheatre hosted a gastronomical event to satisfy them. Food Truck Friday invited six vendors to offer a variety of food, other than turkey, to guests who were eager to try them all. President of the Amphitheatre board, Dee Cozart, said the day was organized as a preliminary trial to gauge interest from the community in offering a monthly Food Truck Friday. “All of these vendors have their own followings on social media and people will visit them when they are nearby,” she said. “This isn’t meant to be a money-making opportunity for the Bowl, it’s to support local businesses and give the community something different to look forward to each month.” Cozart said the board star
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