Vail Headquarters to apply for recognition as a ‘National Historical Site’

The Temecula Valley Historical Society seeks recognition of Vail Headquarters as a “National Historical Site.” Valley News/Courtesy photo
Rebecca Marshall FarnbachSpecial to Valley NewsMany people have stopped at roadside attractions when leisurely driving through the countryside. Many of the sites are county or state historical sites marked by a plaque on a large boulder. Travelers also have redirected their routes when they spot the large brown “National Historical Site” signs along major roadways. The Temecula Valley Historical Society hopes that one day soon that brown signs on Interstate 15 will direct visitors to Vail Headquarters.On Sept. 1, 2019, the Vail Ranch Restoration Association merged with the Temecula Valley Historical Society to unite in their common interest in historic preservation, since most of VaRRA’s goals had been accomplished. The one goal remaining, application for national histori
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