Winter vehicle preparation is key for Anza Valley residents

Winter cold can be hard on any automobile. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
Winter weather has arrived in the Anza Valley, with freezing temperatures, icy roads, precipitation and mud. These harsh conditions can be very hard on cars and trucks, but there are several things that can be done to prepare vehicles to face these challenges.First of all, check fluids. Top off, or even better, flush radiator coolant. The proper amount of antifreeze is very important. This additive prevents the water from freezing in the radiator and engine, causing expensive damage, experts say.Check the radiator and heater hoses for cracking or leaking. They should be firm yet pliable when squeezed firmly. Replace hoses if they are brittle or mushy or if cracks and puffiness can be detected. The last thing anyone needs is a coolant leak to ruin their day on a cold morning.Ins
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